There are no quick fixes for our animal problems

Sat in on a briefing for animal shelter managers.  Thesis: if shelters decrease the animals they take in and increase the animals they adopt out, soon they will show a reduction in number of intakes and euthanasia.  Well, duh.

To implement this idea shelters will argue with each person bringing an animal to drop off, asking that person why s/he can’t take/foster the animal at home.  At the other end, shelter managers will open the floodgates, adopting out any animal to anyone who wants it, no questions asked.

What will happen is simple: people will stop dropping animals off (too hard) and the bad people (yes they exist) will adopt animals, as the restrictions on adoption have been lessened.

This is just a numbers game for shelters and governments to look good.  Problem—if it succeeds it will undermine arguments for shelters and give governments cause to reduce/cancel spending on animals.

Only solution is long term: education, spay/neuter efforts, tnr for cats, better shelters, better adoption efforts, real humane education in schools (not reading to kittens), targeting those communities that breed dogs for aggression and fighting, breeder license and fees.

This will take time, as it requires changes to human behavior  There are no quick fixes.

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