Human perfidy (yes, I know, I repeat myself) on display again. As I loaded my groceries into my car at Sam’s I heard the sound of barking dogs from another car. Turns out there were two standard poodles left in a car with the front window slightly cracked open—this on a day where the temperature hit 87. I finished loading my groceries and watched as numerous shoppers and store employees passed by the car, totally ignoring the barking dogs inside. Finally I went back inside the store and asked the staff to page the owner to come and rescue his/her dogs before they baked.

Leaving dogs alone in the car in the Florida heat is a disgraceful act, but I am more disturbed by the utter failure of any bystander or store employee to do anything. This is not acceptable. Come on, people, dogs (and kids) can bake in no time in a hot car. If you see dogs or kids left in a car in the sun, report this circumstance asap to someone who can do something about it. And Sam’s employees—you are out in the parking lots all day long—for goodness sake when you see dogs left to bake in a car report it to the manager and get something done.

Own the problem and solve it—that’s what a reverence for life is all about.

Reverentia vitae!

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