Ocala teacher drowns racoons, other animals

Florida–humane education is needed now!

Two Florida statues, 233.061 and 233.09, mandate that humane education be taught in public schools.  If the below story is true it makes a mockery out of any notion that this is being taken seriously.  Humane education does not include such puerile pastimes as reading to puppies or show and tell with the classroom fish.  Humane education entails a hard, built-in  curriculum where a reverence for animal life, all life is taught and reinforced.  It means teaching that humans are to be stewards of all animals, caring for them with compassion and concern.  It means teaching that humans, due to our intellectual and organizational capabilities, have a responsibility to use those capabilities to enhance and promote life.  As regards animals, just once, it would be so refreshing to see a Florida governmental entity choose the harder right (practicing stewardship) over the easier wrong (slaughtering any animal that incommodes us) Florida take heed! The time is now!!

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