Cruelty to animals in Marion County

So you’ve done it–

the following is from the Marion County Animal Services website–“MCAS has temporarily suspended intake of all owner-surrendered animals. We ask the public to find alternatives to surrendering their pets. Seek assistance from friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, church members, and any pet lover you know. Other animal agencies may be able to provide support and guidance”.

All stray and homeless animals–you are on your own.  The county no longer cares what happens to you.  What a cruel, heartless means of making animal intake and euthanasia numbers look better for the politicians.  And the clueless media and feckless animal organizations all support this classic example of human perfidy.  There are times I am ashamed to be  a member of the human race.  This is one such time.

As stated before–Only solution is long term: education, spay/neuter efforts, tnr for cats, better shelters, better adoption efforts, real humane education in schools (not reading to kittens), targeting those communities that breed dogs for aggression and fighting, breeder license and fees.

This will take time, as it requires changes to human behavior  There are no quick fixes.

Please forgive us.

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