About Us

About Us

For our Friends the Animals began out of a perceived need to help local animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries in the Marion County, Florida area.  News reports and anecdotal evidence indicated a clear and compelling need for such assistance, as the numbers of unwanted and abused pets continued to grow.

Over time the Foundation’s interest grew to include horses and wildlife, as those creatures clearly suffered a fate similar to that of dogs and cats.

Initial efforts included providing grants for the following types of efforts:

  Vet bills
  Construction of animal enclosures
  Purchase of equipment
  Misc.  Expenses

As time progressed the Foundation added an education component to its efforts, specifically partnering with some of the organizations we support.  This education component targeted young children in the community and zeroed in on efforts to combat animal cruelty and abuse.

In 2016 and going forward the overwhelming focus of the Foundation will be on efforts to reduce and prevent cruel and abusive treatment of animals, whether domesticated or wild.  The Foundation will seek partners with a similar commitment and raison d’être.  Our purpose will be to promote a “reverence for life” in all we do and to encourage others to do the same.  We shall strive to inculcate in all with whom we come in contact that an attitude condoning the needless suffering of any life evolves into a gross indifference for the wellbeing of other creatures, maybe all.  Small though we may be, armed with right on our side and a reverence for life coursing through all we do, we plan to make a difference in the lives of our fellow creatures.